NY Harvest is the Longest Running, Private, Cannabis Legalization Event in NY State!!

NY Harvest Festival
& Freedom Fair

We have fought long and hard for this moment in history! For over 30 years Damn Sam has been fighting for the re-legalization of cannabis, hemp, marijuana, in New York and beyond. All the while hosting the longest running, cannabis competition in America, at the longest running, largest, private, cannabis legalization event in New York State, all under prohibition!

2021 was our 1st year EVER under LEGALIZED CANNABIS!
The cannabis cup we host (longest in the USA) is so much fun! A people choice cup, where the crowd decides the winner! No longer in the showdows and whispers. This part of the event is now front and center and held off the Main Stage at 4:20pm Sunday! 

Everyone gets to be a judge at Damn Sam's NY Harvest Fest!

Save the date for the annual NY Harvest Festival & Freedom Fair! Columbus Day Weekend, every year!


                 Join us for the longest running recreational cannabis competition in America!

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